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Yetishare Recommends NGINX

NGINX Statistics

NGINX (pronounced engine-x) is a web server like Apache, except that it doesn't come with a lot of the resource usage that Apache does and hence performs a lot better for high traffic sites. It's specifically been developed with limited configuration options, so it's also a lot easier to setup compared to Apache.

It's one of a bunch of web servers developed to fix the C10K problem. Web servers such as Apache rely on threads to handle requests, which can be slow. NGINX instead uses a much more scalable event-driven architecture. This uses small, more predictable amounts of memory under heavy load. As such, your website performs faster.

NGINX is now used by 32.5% of all websites on the internet (October 2020 - source).

NGINX Statistics

We've spent a lot of time testing Yetishare on different webservers and by far NGINX is the best performing. We fully support Yetishare on NGINX v1.1+ with Yetishare v5+.

If you require any more information or a copy of the NGINX rewrite rules, feel free to contact us.